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Local School Leadership Council (LSLC)

What is Local School Leadership Council?

Local School Leadership Council (LSLC) is a shared decision-making body including elected parents or community members, and school personnel. The LSLC creates local policy in five areas: staff professional development, student discipline (PBIS), the school schedule of events and activities, guidance for equipment use (i.e. copy machines), and the budget account for instructional materials.


Who is on LSLC? 


LSLC is composed of twelve members. Members includes six certificated teacher including UTLA Chapter Chair (two alternates), the Principal, one classified staff (one alternate), and four parents (two alternates). It is automatic that the principal and UTLA Chair are members and serve as co-chairs of the council. Elections are held annually to ensure LSLC includes diverse perspectives and provides opportunities for new members of our community to participate.  


What does the LSLC Do? 


Our main goal is to keep our students at the forefront of our decision-making and planning. LSLC will consider the perspectives of various stakeholder groups, and the primary goal is to reach consensus. As a council, we are responsible for communicating the ideas and thoughts of the broader school community, solving problems, and providing a space for our community to freely express their feelings and diverse points of view.

How can you participate in the LSLC?

Remember, your support is integral to Clover’s continued success as one of the best schools in LAUSD! Therefore, everyone within the school community is invited to attend all meetings (see the Clover website Calendar At-A-Glance on homepage for upcoming meeting dates). We also encourage everyone to contribute their voices through public comments, run to become a member, nominate someone to become a member and vote. 

LSLC Agendas and Minutes 

To view LSLC agendas and approved minutes, please visit the school website publication directory here:

Link to LSLC Agendas and Minutes


Public Comments

If you would like to share a public comment, please email a request 30 minutes before the meeting to Principal Mulder [email protected]

The first ten people who email the request will be allowed to share their public comment during the LSLC meeting once the meeting begins.  If there are five or fewer requests for public comment, each public comment will be given two minutes. If there are more than five requests for public comment, each comment will be given one minute. 

Public Meetings

All meetings are open to the public.  If you are unable to attend please feel free to read the minutes from the meeting.