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Clover Ave Booster Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to raise critically needed funds to support the education of all the students at Clover. Booster funds pay for programs and services that LAUSD's budget does not cover. Thanks to the generosity and volunteer efforts of Clover's community, this year Booster is funding programs including art and computer lab instruction, physical education, additional classroom aides and staff, and more. 

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Pledge for Education! 100% in 100 Days!

Our Pledge for Education (PFE) direct donation fundraiser "100% in 100 Days" is the largest booster fundraiser of the year. We are asking that each Clover Family donate $900 per student. Our goal for the 2023-2024 school year is $150,000. If your family has the means, we are asking that you also consider sponsoring (or partially sponsoring) another student whose family does not have the budget to contribute.  Clover Booster Club is a nonprofit organization so each donation is tax deductible.

Classroom and School-wide Incentives:

Each classroom will have a financial goal set to earn. Your Head Room Parent will send out these goals and progress can be seen on your classroom door.

When a class reaches 100% of their goal, every child in that class will receive extra recess time.  When the school reaches 50% of the goal ($75,000), each classroom will get $100 to use toward something for the classroom (field trip, grade-level supplies, etc).  If the school reaches 100% of the goal ($150,000), each teacher will get an additional $150 for grade-level use.

For More Information

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