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5th Grade Parent Committee

Clover's 5th Grade Parent Committee is a group of volunteer parent leaders with children in the 5th grade.  They serve to raise funds for 5th grade events and supplies such as:  the year book, class tile art work, T-shirts,  culmination ceremony & Astro Camp!  5th grade parents organize the International Night, Winter Dance, Sweetheart Dance and food sales from other booster events.  The goal of these fundraising efforts are for the benefit of every 5th grade child so that none will be left out!  100% participation from all 5th grade parents is greatly appreciated!

Fundraising Opportunities:
International Night, Dances (Winter Dance/Sweetheart Dance), Ice Cream After School Sales, Garage Sale, Food Trucks, School Event Dinners.

Volunteer Parent Roles:

Class Treasurer, Orders Coordinator (pulling dinner & ticket orders from the site for each event), Deposit Coordinator, Astro Camp Coordinator, International Night Coordinator (4th grade), Dances Coordinator, Ice Cream schedule Coordinator, Ice Cream Purchaser, Garage sale Coordinator, Food Truck and/or Event Dinners Coordinator (school event dinners), Year book Coordinator, T-shirt Coordinator, Culmination Coordinator (decorations, gifts, volunteers)