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What is Math Club?

Math Club is a school-wide program that is free and open to all Clover students (no sign-up is necessary)!  It is designed as a fun learning experience working on Math Challenge problems that provides students with additional opportunities to sharpen their mathematical problem-solving skills.

There is a series of math challenges posted every other week continuing until the end of the school year.  This is a great opportunity for all Clover students to be involved and enjoy math through fun and engaging math problems. The challenge sets cover strategies for problem solving including working backward, drawing a picture/diagram, making an organized list, guess and check, and using logical reasoning.

How Can Clover Students Participate?

Our school has its own page on the website - all the information is there.

Are There Prizes?

Yes! We'll offer prizes and recognition to participants:

  • For completing each challenge, all participants earn 3 kindness cash bucks and they will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a small prize.
  • All participants will be recognized on the Clover Math Club “Wall of Fame.”
  • End-of-year prizes for top 3 classrooms with the most participants.
  • End-of year recognition certificate for all participants who complete at least 12 sets of math challenges (out of 15 total).

Calendar Reminders!

Parents, if your child is participating, we know staying on top of key dates is difficult. As easy reminders, we recommend you sync the CLOVER MATH CLUB CALENDAR to your Google Calendar and/or Apple Calendar


Q. - Does my student need to print the Math Challenge problems?

A. - No, students don't need to print them out in order to participate. While some students may prefer to work on the problems on a printed paper, no paper forms will be accepted as submissions, nor will they be collected. In order to receive credit, all submissions must be through the Submission Form.

Q. - Should my student submit their Math Challenge paper to their teacher or other school staff?

A. - No, please keep all paper copies at home. This program is run solely by volunteers in the Parent Booster Club and teachers and staff are not responsible for collecting any work related to this program.

Q. - Who will grade the challenge sets?

A. - When solutions to the math problems become available, we will ask participants to self-correct and review their work.

Q. - What is the definition of a "qualifying" submission for prizes?

A. - We will consider a submission qualifying if it is submitted by the due date, and the participant attempted the minimum number of questions required for their grade level. The number of correct answers won't matter for qualifying.

Instructions to Connect to Google Calendar

From Desktop

  1. Go to Google Calendar
  2. Navigate to Calendar Settings > Add calendar > From URL
  3. Paste this URL in the field and click Add calendar
  4. You'll soon see CLOVER MATH CLUB CALENDAR key dates on your Google Calendar!

[If you're on mobile, you will have to set up the URL on the desktop before syncing the calendar to your Google Calendar App. Please note that it can take Google up to 12 hours for it to show on your calendar.]

Instructions to Connect to Apple Calendar

From Desktop

  1. Go to Apple Calendar
  2. Navigate to File > New Calendar Subscription...
  3. Paste this URL in the field, and click Subscribe
  4. That's it! You'll soon see CLOVER MATH CLUB CALENDAR key dates on your Apple Calendar!

From Mobile

  1. Open Settings > Calendar > Accounts
  2. Tap Add Account
  3. Tap Other
  4. Tap Add Subscribed Calendar
  5. In the Server field, paste this URL in the field, and tap Next > Save
  6. That's it! You'll soon see CLOVER MATH CLUB CALENDAR key dates on your Apple Calendar!


Math Club Questions?

Contact the Clover Math Club Team at [email protected]